Sharleen Irvine has over 10 years of experience in the health science and community disability sector for both government and non-government organisations. As a scientist, Sharleen has managed clinical trials, research laboratories and NATA-accredited entities. She gained her broad experience in the disability sector, working as a direct support worker, activities coordinator, team leader and support coordinator. Sharleen’s focus is now on positive behaviour support to improve a quality of life for those with a disability. Sharleen has partnered with EnableOT, an established mental health occupational therapy group and is committed to offering honourable Improved Relationship services in partnership with you and your stakeholder network.

Sharleen is postgraduate-qualified in Clinical Pharmacology with ongoing professional development in Quality Auditing as well as Training and Assessment. Sharleen has extensive knowledge of compliance and quality system implementation under ISO 9001, including NATA and HSQF/NDIA registration and assessment. Sharleen has developed a range of NDIS compliant resources to support you through registration and assessment.

Sharleen Irvine MSc.