NDIS Disability Partnerships

Sharleen gained her broad experience in the disability sector, working as a direct support worker, activities coordinator, team leader and support coordinator. EmergeAbility’s focus is now on positive behaviour support to improve a quality of life for those with a disability.

Are you looking for someone who wont just tell you what to do but will also sit with you and teach you how?  Are you looking for the knowledge and experience that will train and support your staff team to better assist you or your loved one? Are you looking for a person who works solely in the community and provides practical strategies that reflect your daily life and that work?

EmergeAbility has partnered with EnableOT and provides comprehensive function of behaviour analysis to work out the reasons behind harmful behaviour before implementing a range of positive strategies to promote a meaningful life of positive choice and control.  Strategies may include proactive and reactive strategies to prevent and respond appropriately to behaviour of harm, focussed support strategies to reward alternative behaviours, environmental changes to support healthy behaviours as well as a range of life skills that promote independence and ability through a high density of preferred social, daily life and recreational activities. EmergeAbility has a strong commitment to reducing or removing restrictive practice through positive behaviour support strategies and stakeholder training. EmergeAbility’s primary outcome is to improve your quality of life through positive reinforcement, this means we work with you to develop your own Positive Behaviour Support plan, you will be a part of every step of this life changing journey, you will be consulted on what will work best for you, and we will do what you say we will do.  If you, or someone you support, would like to discuss how EmergeAbility can work with you, contact Sharleen.